Blue Cliff Record 72

Blue Cliff Record (Hekiganroku, Biyan Lu) #72
Yunyan's "Can You?"

Baizhang (720-814, 9th generation, Hongzhou) was a disciple of Mazu (709-788, 8th gen.) and the teacher of Huangbo (770-850), Wufeng (770?-?), and Guishan (771-853). Baizhang appeared as a secondary character in two of the Mazu koans. He is the primary character in seven of our cases.
While Guishan and Wufeng ultimately received dharma transmission from Baizhang, Yunyan, after studying under Baizhang 20 years, went to study with Yaoshan, whose dharma descendent he became. BCR #70, #71, and #72, all feature Baizhang asking, "How does one speak with one's lips and throat closed?" #70 gives Guishan's reply; #71 gives Wufeng's reply; #72 gives Yunyan's reply.

Guishan, Wufeng, Yunyan were all attending upon Baizhang.
Baizhang said to Yunyan, "How does one speak with one's lips and throat closed?"
Yunyan said, "Can you, Master, do such a thing?"
Baizhang said, "Now I will lose my Dharma descendants."

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