Nov 9 - 15. BCR #24, BOS #60

Autumn, week 8
"The problem with talking about 'enlightenment' is that our talk tends to create a picture of what it is -- yet enlightenment is not a picture, but the shattering of all our pictures. And a shattered life isn't what we are hoping for!"” -Joko Beck
Chants for Wed Nov 9 - 15 (from Boundless Way Zen Sutra Book. See: BoWZ Westchester Chant Schedule)
  • Fukanzazengi 1, p. 36
  • The Misunderstanding of Many Lifetimes, p. 28
Next Saturday Zen Service: Nov 12, 10:00 - 11:45am.
Room 24, Community UU
468 Rosedale Ave, White Plains, NY

This week's reading: "Enlightenment," from Charlotte Joko Beck, Everyday Zen. p. 173. (To order from Amazon CLICK HERE)

This week's case: "Liu Tiemo, The Old Cow" Blue Cliff Record, #24, Book of Serenity #60

We previously met Guishan (771-853, 10th Gen., dharma grandson of Mazu) in GG #40 (HERE), BCR #70 (HERE), BCR #4 (HERE). Guishan was a disciple of Baizhang and thus a dharma brother of Huangbo. Guishan and his disciple, Yangshan, are the founders of the Gui-Yang House, one of the fabled "Five Houses of Zen." Liu Tiemo was one of the few women masters of whom we have any record.

Liu Tiemo came to Guishan.
Guishan said, "Old Cow, so you have come!"
Tiemo said, "Tomorrow there is a great festival at Taishan. Will you be going?"
Guishan lay down and stretched himself out.
Tiemo went away.

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