Book of Serenity 98

Book of Serenity (Shoyoroku, Congrong Lu) #98
Dongshan's "Intimate With It"

  • Dongshan Liangjie (Tozan Ryokai, 807-69, 11th gen). Go to DONGSHAN
  • An unnamed monk
Wansong's Preface
Jiufeng, by cutting off his tongue, followed Shishuang faithfully;
Caoshan, by cutting off his head, did not go against Dongshan.
The tongues of the ancients are so intimate as these.
Where is the art of doing good to people?
A monk asked Dongshan, “Among the three bodies [of the Buddha -- namely, Dharmakaya (Dharma-body), Sambhogakaya (body of reward), Nirmanakaya (accommodated body)], what body does not degenerate into numbers [i.e. get trapped in numbers such as the three sections of “six roots [=sense organs], six functions, six areas”, the seven elements of “earth, water, fire, wind, etc.” and so on]?”
Dongshan said, “I am always most keenly with it.”

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