Book of Serenity 97

Book of Serenity (Shoyoroku, Congrong Lu) #97
Emperor Tongguang's Helmet Hood

Wansong's Preface
Bodhidharma met Emperor Wu of Liang [see BCR1/BOS2], solely wishing to transmit the heart-mind.
Yanguan [see BCR91/BOS25] knew [Emperor] Daichû; he certainly had the eye.
“Peace prevails under heaven, the king enjoys long life” he doesn’t violate heavenly majesty;
“The sun and the moon rest the landscape in peace, the four seasons are all in harmony” the king’s reign augments its sovereign light.
When the king of people and the king of the Dharma meet,
What should they talk about?
Emperor Tongguang spoke to Xinghua saying, “I have attained the treasure of the Central Plain [the entire land of China]. However, no one can set a price on it.”
Xinghua said, “Your Majesty, please lend it to me so that I may see.”
The emperor pulled the straps of his helmet hood with both hands.
Xinghua said, “Who can dare to set a price on the emperor's treasure!”
Hongzhi's Verse
The king’s true intention is communicated to the best friend;
All people under heaven [naturally] show sincerity
with the heart of the sunflowers [inclining toward the sun].
He took out the priceless treasure of the Central Plain,
incomparable with the jewel of Chô or the gold of En.
The gem of the Central Plain is manifested to Xinghua;
Its excellent radiance is beyond appraisal.
The works of the emperor can well be the teacher for ten thousand generations;
The beams of the golden wheels
illuminate the four directions under heaven.

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