Raven 5: Metaphor

Anything that means, means via metaphor -- connection with a previously-formed association. What about bird song?

As they got better acquainted, Raven would ride on Brown Bear's back as Brown Bear foraged for food. When they were setting out one day, Raven asked, "Do you teach exclusively with metaphor?"
Brown Bear said, "The robin sings in the oak tree; the finch sings in the madrone."
Raven asked, "What do they stand for?"
Brown Bear turned her head to look at Raven and asked, "The lark sings in the deep blue sky -- what more can you ask?
Raven asked, "What is this singing?"
Brown Bear turned back to the path and grunted, "We'll have auditions again tonight."
She has lived a thousand moons
by the mouth of the river.
Say it's a metaphor, and
she does not understand.
Case by Robert Aitken; introduction and verse by Meredith Garmon

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