Raven 13: The Dream

Your dream, your vision, is not for yourself alone, is it? Your motivating vision is a vision of benefit for every one, all beings. So how do you negotiate the fact that your vision is for ALL BEINGS -- with the fact that, at the same time, it is YOUR vision?

One fine day Raven took her perch and said to the assembly:
"We are children in the dream of the Buddha Macaw. She points to the center of our circle, and the Monarch of the Gods sticks a blade of grass in the ground where she points. Our temple is established, and the Buddha Macaw smiles. The bedrock heaved up from beneath the turf there on the far edge of our circle is her presence. We bow and chant her sutras with her throngs of followers down through the ages. Her incense fills the air. Her teaching gives us pause. Stop here with her."
The circle was silent. Finally Owl called out, "Are you sure that's not just your dream?"
Raven bobbed her head. "It is my dream."
Of whose dream are you the child?
You may choose, or, rather, it is for you to discern
Whose dream -- what teacher and tradition
Gives birth to you, becomes present
Case by Robert Aitken; introduction and verse by Meredith Garmon

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