Raven 22: Karma

On the one hand, yes, it matters what you do. On the other hand, sometimes weird stuff happens. Actions do have consequences -- but they aren't always predictable, are they? Both the predictable consequences and the unpredictable consequences keep us honest, eh?

One evening Gray Wolf appeared in the Tallspruce circle for the first time.
After she had introduced herself (and acknowledged the covenant to abstain from predating in the circle), she said, "Is it all right to ask a question?"
Raven said, "Not only all right."
"Thank you," said Gray Wolf. "Maybe it's obvious to everyone else, but I don't understand the notion of karma. Could you explain it to me?"
Raven said, "Murder will out."
Gray Wolf said, "Sometimes crimes are never solved."
Raven said, "Help me not to live a lie."
Murder, etc. Before it outs,
It ins. And it's sticky. Atoning
Doesn't always succeed. Not atoning
Lives the lie.
Case by Robert Aitken; introduction and verse by Meredith Garmon

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