Jun 21 - 27.

Summer, Week 1
When we let go of all our notions about things, everything becomes really true. --Kosho Uchiyama
Chants for Wed Jun 21 - Tue Jun 27 (from Boundless Way Zen Sutra Book. See: BoWZ Westchester Chant Schedule)
  • Shorter Precepts, p. 47
  • Heart Sutra, p. 12
Next Saturday Zen Service: Jun 24, 10:00 - 11:45am.
Room 24, Community UU
468 Rosedale Ave, White Plains, NY

This week's reading: Kosho Uchiyama, Opening the Hand of Thought, pp. 82-89. (5.2 The Activity of the Reality of Life).

(Meredith is away in New Orleans this week. Brian LaVoie will lead the Saturday practice.)

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