Gateless Gate 3

Gateless Gate (Mumonkan, Wumenguan) #3
Judi's One Finger (extended version)

Whatever he was asked about Zen, Master Judi, simply stuck up one finger.
He had a boy attendant whom a visitor asked, "What kind of teaching does your master give?"
The boy held up one finger too.
Hearing of this, Judi cut off the boy's finger with a knife.
As the boy ran away screaming with pain, Judi called to him. When the boy turned his head, Judi stuck up one finger.
The boy was suddenly enlightened.
When Judi was about to die, he said to the assembled monks, "I have received this one-finger Zen from Hangzhou. I've used it all my life but have not exhausted it."
Having said this, he entered nirvana.

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