Book of Serenity 43

Book of Serenity (Shoyoroku, Congrong Lu) #43
Luoshan's "Appearing and Disappearing

Wansong's Preface
One speck of a holy hermit's medicine changes iron into gold;
One word at logic's end renders an ordinary person to a sage.
If you learn that gold and iron are not two,
And that ordinary and sage are intrinsically the same,
Then you don't need that “one” after all.
Just tell me, what is that “one” point?
Luoshan asked Yantou, “What if things appear and disappear without ceasing?”
Yantou scolded him saying, “Who appears and disappears?”
Hongzhi's Verse
Cutting the old entangling vines,
Smashing the fox's den –
A leopard clothes himself with fog and changes its spots [as a tiger],
A [serpent] alters his bones and, as a dragon, rides the thunder.
Ha! Appearing and disappearing in abundance – what is it?
[According to a Chinese legend, a leopard hides himself in the deep fog of a southern mountain and fasts for a week, in order to change his spots to become a tiger.]

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