Book of Serenity 81

Book of Serenity (Shoyoroku, Congrong Lu) #81
Xuansha Reaches the Province

Wansong's Preface
Move: there appears a shadow,
Realize: there arises dust.
Raise it up – it is clear,
Throw it down – it is hidden and intimate.
When people of the true Way meet, how do they converse with each other?
Xuansha came to the Province of Pudian. He was welcomed with great entertainment.
The next day he asked the Elder Xiaotang, “All the revelry of yesterday – where has it gone?”
Xiaotang held out the corner of his Buddhist garment.
Xuansha said, “There's no connection, not by a long shot.”
Hongzhi's Verse (Wick trans, with Cleary trans in italics)
Hiding the boat in the darkened valley.
   Hiding the boat in the night valley,
Thrusting the pole into the clear source.
   Setting the oar on the clear source.
Dragons and fish don't know yet that water makes their lives.
   The dragon and fish don't know the water is their life:
A broken stick doesn't impede them.
A little stirring up goes on.
   Busting a gut, nevertheless it's just a little shake.
Master Xuansha, Venerable Xiaotang.
   Master Xuansha, Elder Xiaotang:
Box and lid, two arrows colliding.
   Box and lid, arrowpoints;
Poking stick, covering grass.
   Probing pole, shadowing grass.
When hiding, the old turtle nests in the lotus.
   Submerged, withdrawn, the old turtle nests in the lotuses
When sporting, the colorful carp fiddles with duckweed.
   Frolicking, the multi-colored fish plays in the water grasses.

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