Feb 8 - 14

Winter, week 8
"The process of atonement goes on for a lifetime. That's what human life is: endless atonement. In contrast, feeling guilty is an expression of the ego: we can feel sorry for ourselves (and a bit noble) if we get lost in our guilt. In true atonement, instead of focusing upon our guilt, we learn to focus more upon our sisters and brothers, upon our children, upon anyone who is suffering." --Joko Beck
Saturday Zen. Our next Zen service is Sat Feb 10, 10:00 - 11:45am, room 24
Community UU, 468 Rosedale Ave, White Plains, NY.
Practice to be led by Meredith.

Chants for Thu Feb 8 - Wed Feb 14:
  • Facing Everything, p. 36
  • The Misunderstanding of Many Lifetimes, p. 37
  • Fukanzazengi, p. 45
  • Menju, p. 50
See Boundless Way Zen Sutra Book, 4th ed. and
BoWZ Westchester Chant Schedule

Reading this week: Charlotte Joko Beck, Nothing Special: Chap. 6, "Sacrifice and Victims," pp. 41-44.

Questions. (1) "What does the word atone mean? It means 'at one'." How does being "at one" atone for anything?
(2) "An enlightened person would be willing, second by second, to be the sacrifice that's necessary to break the cycle of suffering." What would be sacrificed?
(3) "Don't avoid people who bring up that anger." Why not?
(4) "We simply do our best, over and over and over. In time, we lose all interest in our past." Do you want to lose interest in your past?

At Boundless Way Temple, 1030 Pleasant St, Worcester, MA:
  • Thu Mar 15, 19:00 - Sun Mar 18, 12:00. Spring Sesshin. INFO HERE
Meredith's Latest Koan Post: Blue Cliff Record #72: Yunyan's "Can you?" CLICK HERE.
"Can you, Master, do such a thing?"
Beloveds, did anyone notice that
Yunyan said this with
His lips and throat closed?

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