Raven 58: Right Thinking

Thoughts go on and on. It's what thoughts do. Is that a problem? Just watch them come and go.

Later in the same meeting, Owl then asked another question: "Right Thinking comes immediately after Right Views. I have problems with my thinking. What is Right Thinking?"
Brown Bear said, "The point."
Owl said, "My thoughts go on and on."
Brown Bear asked, "Is that your focus?"
Owl blinked and said nothing.
Read your thoughts the way you read a novel.
When Aragonese and Castillano
First turned the pages of Europe's first novel,
How did they understand what it was,
What these words were up to?
An epic, only not in verse.
A romance, only longer, and cohesive.
Like a history, then, only intimate.
And not historical.
How did they make sense of it?
Cervantes gave them Sancho Panza,
Illiterate, to show them how to read
the thing:
     Not rejecting the master's delusions.
     Not sharing them.
     Along for the ride.
Case by Robert Aitken, adapted; introduction and verse by Meredith Garmon

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