Raven 60: Delineation

Porcupine is certainly coming along in his training. He's been hanging around Raven long enough to have learned her quirks -- some of them. But the question I have for you is: what leavings are your gift? Maybe that's what delineates you.

Porcupine came over with a gift of leavings.
"Kind of you," said Raven.
"I have a report," said Porcupine. "This morning when the birds woke me up, I realized that my quills and my skin don't delineate me."
"What delineates you?" asked Raven.
"You always blink when you ask a hard question," said Porcupine.
Raven said, "You are very observant."
From the many beings' doings and sufferings,
From the universe's physics and chemistry,
We ravens scavenge.

Curious, this noticing, noticing,
Drawing the true lines --
Drawing them with an eraser.
Case by Robert Aitken, adapted; introduction and verse by Meredith Garmon

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