Raven 68: The Fun Way

Group practice isn't for everyone. Whether you participate in a cooperative garden, or garden by yourself, you'll have some weeding to do.

Next evening, Porcupine said, "I think I speak for everyone in suggesting that we invite Grandma to our meetings. She's quite wise, it seems."
Raven saw many heads nodding.
The next day she flew over to Vinecot and found Grandma weeding her garden. "We'd like to invite you to come to our meetings," she said.
Grandma said, "It's much more fun this way."
Raven said, "Might have known."
Maybe you go where those others go --
Not because you are paid;
You pay to do it.
Weekly or twice weekly or more,
You arrive there at the appointed times,
Be with them, doing and saying.

Maybe this is a loveliness
that makes you tender,
and sometimes you cry.
Maybe there you know yourself
and become real.
Or maybe you hide there,
and slowly harden.
Maybe you become thoughtful --
Or quicker to blame.
Maybe this is the locus of your wisdom --
Or your vehicle of dominance.

Maybe you go where those others go
And find in some form all of the above.
Maybe you stay home.
Case by Robert Aitken, adapted; introduction and verse by Meredith Garmon

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