Aut. 12: Dec 10 - 16

Autumn, week 12
"That's what people ask me all the time: How do we invite more people of color? What I don't hear in that is: "I'm suffering. I'm experiencing trauma. What is it that I can do to help myself." --angel Kyodo williams
Saturday Zen: Sat Dec 15, 10:00 - 11:45am
room 24
Community UU
468 Rosedale Ave
White Plains, NY
Practice to be led by Meredith Garmon

Morning Zen. Tue, Wed, & Thu, 6:00 - 7:15am
Basement Zendo. See HERE.

For Mon Dec 10 - Sun Dec 16:
  • Compassionate Heart of Wisdom, p. 15
  • Hakuin's Song of Zazen, p. 17
  • Great Doubt, p. 18
Opening and Closing for Mon Dec 3 - Sun Dec 30:
  • Opening: Do Your Best, p. 20
  • Closing: Awakening to Discouragement, p. 72
See: Boundless Way Zen Sutra Book, 4th ed.   ☙   Supplement   ☙   BoWZ Westchester Chant Schedule

Reading for Sat Dec 15:
  • Primary Reading: Radical Dharma, "Radical Dharma: Liberation," pp. 155-176.
  • Optional Secondary Reading: Thich Nhat Hanh, Old Path White Clouds, Ch. 23, "Dharma Nectar," pp. 151-156.
For subsequent weeks (through May 18): See Schedule for Reading.
Next book begins Dec 30: Koun Yamada, Zen: The Authentic Gate. Order from Wisdom Publications (HERE) or Amazon (HERE).

This Week's Raven Tale: #82, Still Lonesome -- HERE

See Youtube dialog with angel Kyodo williams and Lama Rod Owens (29:53): HERE.

See angel Kyodo williams' TED talk: HERE.

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