Raven 94: Intimate

Badger was among Raven's first students (along with Porcupine, Woodpecker, Grouse, Owl, and Black Bear). In previous episodes, Badger has asked "How can I get rid of my ego?" (#15), "What is the purpose of practice after all?" (#24), "Is there really something to understand beyond the way to be a better person?" (#42), "How can I get rid of my passions?" (#56), and "What is the self?" (#85).

Raven has been continually sharing her realization. What did Badger think she was doing?

One evening Badger asked, "What's realization like?"
Raven said, "Intimate."
Badger asked, "Can you share it?"
Raven said, "Where have you been?" Fluffing her feathers, she turned away, muttering to herself, "Ah, such as it is."
The pencil on my desk offers its intimacy,
Shares with me its realization, bare naked.
Likewise the papers and mug, the hatrack in the corner;
Likewise outside the trees, bees, squirrels, birds, grass, pavement;
Likewise the conspecifics with whom I conversed;
Likewise the masters at whose feet I sat.
Have I been?
Case by Robert Aitken, adapted; introduction and verse by Meredith Garmon

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