Raven 110: The Proper Presentation

Grouse previously appeared in: 12, 21, 41, 44, 78, 88, and 108.

It is enough that you are what you are, ceaselessly scattering your manifestation across the landscape. You might notice that this is enough. Or you might not. That's enough, too.

Grouse spoke up one evening and said, "Everybody else seems to know what is going on here, but I'm in the dark. What would be a proper presentation?"
Raven said, "Anything goes."
Grouse said, "I'm at a loss."
Raven said, "Ding, ding, dang, dang, bong, bong, clank, clank."
Grouse clucked.
Raven said, "Hey, Grouse, not bad."
Isn't it all, all, all
A series of bumping into things?
Bits collide, thence
Carom, split, merge.
Birth: bump.
Life: one bump after another.
Death: bump.
Nonliving matter: bumpity bump.
Here against this,
There off of that.
The music of the spheres,
On Earth as in heaven, goes
Ding, dang, bong, clank.
Case by Robert Aitken; introduction and verse by Meredith Garmon

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