Raven 111: To the Other Shore

Woodpecker has been with Raven since the beginning of the Tallspruce community. She should know better than to ask "what does it mean...?" questions. Has she not grasped by now that everything is a metaphor for everything else? Rocks represent wrens, as do fence posts. Oak leaves represent kitchen sinks, as do stars. So what can be gained from asking what something means?

As for the other shore, the raft you are using to get there has long since sunk.

One evening Woodpecker asked, "What does it mean to cross to the other shore?"
Raven said, "Flowers crowd the cliffs."
Friend, we have walked around this Mobius strip
A thousand times, thou and I.
You ask me about the other side.
Other than what? I say.
Trust the walking, I say,
And never ignore a flower.
Case by Robert Aitken; introduction and verse by Meredith Garmon

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