Book of Serenity 20

Book of Serenity (Shoyoroku, Congrong Lu) #20
Dizang's Not Knowing

  • LUOHAN "Dizang" Guichen (Rakan "Jizo" Keichin, 867-928, 14th gen), disciple of Xuansha
  • FAYAN Wenyi (Hogen Buneki, 885-958, 15th gen), disciple of Luohan
Wansong's Introduction (Sato)
The profound speech leading into the ultimate principle despises “three” and tears up “four.”
The great way to the Capital Chôan runs 7 vertical and 8 horizontal directions.
If you suddenly open up your mouth and preach, or move your legs and take steps,
Then you can hang up your bag with the meal bowls and break off your wandering staff.
Now just tell me, who is like this?
Case (Wick)
Master Luohan ("Dizang") asked Fayan, "Where have you come from?"[1]
"I pilgrimage aimlessly," replied Fayan.[2]
"What is the matter of your pilgrimage?" asked Luohan.[3]
"I don't know," replied Fayan.
"Not knowing is the most intimate," remarked Luohan.[4]
At that, Fayan experienced great enlightenment.
[1] “Where are you going, Joza?" ["Joza" is an honorific for a senior monk who has practiced more than 10 years] (Sato); "Where are you going?" (Cleary).
[2] “I am on pilgrimage [angya], wandering with the wind” (Sato); "Around on pilgrimage" (Cleary).
[3] "What is pilgrimage?" (Sato); "What is the purpose of pilgrimage?' (Cleary).
[4] "Not knowing -- that's it" (Sato); "Not knowing is nearest" (Cleary).

Hongzhi's Verse (Wick)
Right now, investigation replete, it's the same as before.
Utterly free from minute obstacles, one comes to not know.
Short's short, long's long. Cease pruning and grafting.
According with high, according with low, each is even and content.
A family's manner of abundance or thrift is used freely according to circumstances.
Fields and lands excellent, sportive; one's feet go where they will.
The matter of thirty year's pilgrimage --
a clear transgression against one' pair of eyebrows.
Sturmer's Verse
He doffed his hat
to the lofty poplar.
(Not knowing
is most intimate.
The poplar nodded back.
And with that
the afternoon faded
into evening.

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