Gateless Gate 24

Gateless Gate (Mumonkan, Wumenguan) #24
Fengxue: Equality and Differentiation

Personnel and Date
  • FENGXUE Yanzhao (Fuketsu Enshô, 896-973, 14th gen), disciple of Nanyuan Huiyong
  • an unnamed monastic
  • Date guess: ca. 961 (age 65, 10 years into being at new monastery)
Case (Aitken)
A monk asked the priest Fengxue, "Speech and silence are concerned with equality and differentiation. How can I transcend equality and differentiaion?"
Fengxue said, "I always think of Jiangnan in March; partridges chirp among the many fragrant flowers."
Wumen's Comment (Aitken)
Fengxue functions like lightning, creating an appropriate way to practice. But why does he get involved with the tongue of a predecessor and not free himself? If you can see intimately into this point the Way will open for you naturally. Now set aside the samadhi of words -- just give me one phrase!
Wumen's Verse (Aitken)
It was not a verse of elegant tone!
Before speaking, it's already expressed;
if you go on chattering glibly,
you'll find yourself at a loss.

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