Gateless Gate 44

Gateless Gate (Mumonkan, Wumenguan) #44
Bajiao and a Stick

  • BAJIAO Huiqing (Basho Esei, 880?-950?, 13th gen), disciple of Nanta Guangyong
Case (Shibayama)
Master Bajiao said to the monks, "If you have a stick, I shall give one to you. If you do not have a stick, I shall take it away from you."
Wumen's Comment (Shibayama)
It helps you cross the river where the bridge is broken.
It accompanies you as you return to the village on a moonless night. If you call it a stick, you will go to hell as fast as an arrow.
Wumen's Verse (Shibayama)
The deep and the shallow wherever they may be
Are all in my hand.
It sustains heaven and supports the earth,
And promotes Zen Truth wherever it may be.

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