Blue Cliff Record 90

Blue Cliff Record (Hekiganroku, Biyan Lu) #90
Zhimen and the Essence of Prajna

Personnel and Date
  • ZHIMEN Guangzuo (Chimon Kôso, 940?-1031, 15th gen) disciple of Xianglin Chengyuan (908-87)
  • Date guess: ca. 1008
Wansong's Introduction (Sato)
The phrase before any voice – the thousand sages cannot transmit it.
The single thread before your eyes – limitless time, infinite continuation4.
Completely naked, perfectly revealed.
The hair grows in natural profusion, the ears are sharp.
Just tell me. What is this about?
To test I am citing this, look!
Case (Sekida)
A monk asked Zhimen, "What is the essence of prajna?"
Zhimen siad, "The oyster swallows the full moon."
The mons said, "What is the action of prajna?"
Zhimen said, "The hare conceives by the full moon."
Hongzhi's Verse (Sekida)
A piece of emptiness transcends description;
This has made heaven and earth remember Sunyata.
The oyster conceives by the moon -- amazing!
Monks ever since have done Dharma battle on it.

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