Book of Serenity 76

Book of Serenity (Shoyoroku, Congrong Lu) #76
Shousan's Three Phrases

Personnel and Date
  • SHOUSHAN Xingnian (Shuzan Shônen, 926-93, 15th gen), disciple of Fengxue Yanzhao
  • Date guess: ca. 981
Wansong's Introduction (Sato)
One phrase makes three phrases clear;
Three phrases make one phrase clear.
Three and one have no relation with each other.
Very clear is the way of the highest realization.
Tell me, what phrase exists first?
Case (Wick)
Shoushan addressed the assembly, saying, "When you are awakened by the first phrase, you become a teacher of Buddhas and Ancestors. When you are awakened by the second phrase, you become a teacher of men and devas. When you are awakened by the third phrase, you can't even save yourself."
A monk asked, "Osho, by which phrase were you awakened?"
Shoushan replied, "After the moon sets in the third watch, one penetrates through the city."
Hongzhi's Verse (Wick)
Withered skulls of Buddhas and Ancestors skewered on one stick.
The water clock's drop after drop moves the pointer minutely.
Essential activity of devas and men.
Firing a thousand pounds by catapult.
Thunderheads glistening and glowing swiftly shoot down lightning.
You over here! See the transformations.
When meeting the lowly, be noble. When meeting the noble, be lowly.
Leaving the finding of the jewel to Mosho, the ultimate Way stretches endlessly.
Leting the butcher's knife sort freely in the dead ox, there's implicit trust each moment.
Sturmer's Verse
Of the three vessels
the first is perfect
the second leaks
and the third is broken.
Near an air raid shelter
on a patch of bare earth
children collect
the shining fragments.

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