Gateless Gate 4

Gateless Gate (Mumonkan, Wumenguan) #4
The Barbarian Has No Beard

Personnel and Date
  • HUOAN Shiti (Wakuan Shitai, 1108-1179, 23rd gen), disciple of Huguo Jingyuan (1094-1146)
  • Date guess: ca. 1158
Case (Yamada)
Huoan said, “Why has the western barbarian no beard?”[1]
[1] same (Aitken, Low, Sekida);
“Why has the Foreigner from the West no whiskers?” (Cleary);
“Why does the Barbarian from the west have no beard” (Guogu);
“Bodhidharma, the Western Barbarian with a red beard – how is it he had no beard?” (Hinton);
“Seeing a picture of Bodhidharma, Huo-an asked, ‘Why does that son of a western barbarian have no beard?’” (Senzaki);
“Why has the foreigner from the West no beard?” (Shibayama).

Wumen's Comment (Yamada)
If you practice Zen, you must actually practice it. If you become enlightened, it must be the real experience of enlightenment. You see this barbarian once face to face; then for the first time, you will be able to acknowledge him. But if you say that you see him face to face, in that instant there is division into two.
Wumen's Verse (Yamada)
In front of a fool
Do not talk about dreams;
The barbarian has no beard:
It’s adding obscurity to clarity.

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