Gateless Gate 45

Gateless Gate (Mumonkan, Wumenguan) #45
Who Is That One?

Personnel and Date
  • WUZU "Qingyuan" Fayan (Goso Hôen, 1024-1104, 20th gen), disciple of Baiyun Shouduan
  • Date guess: ca. 1087
Case (Yamada)
Master and Patriarch Fayan of Wuzu said, “Even Shakyamuni and Maitreya are servants of that one. Just tell me, who is that one?”[1]
[1] “…are servants of another. Tell me, who is that other” (Aitken);
“…are servants of another. Tell me, who is that?” (Cleary);
“…are his slaves. Tell me, who is he?” (Guogu);
“…servants to someone else. Right now: speak up! Tell me! Who is that someone else?” (Hinton);
“…are his servants. Who is he?” (Low);
“…are servants of another. I want to ask you, who is he?” (Sekida);
“…are both servants of that one. Now tell me, who is it?” (Senzaki);
“…are but his servants. Now tell me, who is he?” (Shibayama);

Wumen's Comment (Yamada)
If you clearly recognize that one, it will be just like meeting your father at the crossroads. It is not necessary to ask others whether it is he or not.
Wumen's Verse (Yamada)
Don’t draw another’s bow;
Don’t ride another’s horse;
Don’t speak of another’s faults;
Don’t inquire into another’s affairs.

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