Jul 20-26

Summer, week 5

Join the BoWZ-Westchester Sangha via Zoom every Saturday morning:

Informal conversation begins at 9:45.
Practice begins at 10:00.
We end at noon.
(US Eastern Time Zone)

Audio Only: telephone 646-876-9923 & Enter Meeting ID: 289 850 7899

Passcode: 468468

This Week's Reading for Sat Jul 25
  • Taizan Maezumi, Appreciate Your Life: The Essence of Zen Practice, "The Dharma Seals," p. 17-18.
  • Reading Schedule HERE.
  • How do you listen to the dharma?
  • "Reflect upon the teachings that you have heard." What teachings have you reflected on lately?
  • "Work with the teachings." Do you do this? How?
  • "Verify the teachings through your practice." What teachings have you found verified in your practice?
This Week's Raven Tale
Home Practice
  • Light a candle or stick of incense, or both
  • Three bows to Buddha
  • Gatha of Atonement (odd-numbered dates) or The Three Refuges (even-numbered dates);
  • Dedication (use Sutra Book and audio below)
  • Opening Verse (use Sutra Book and audio below)
  • Zazen (25 mins)
  • Sutra Service Readings (use Sutra Book and audio below)
  • Dharma Study (book or podcast, 15-30 mins)
  • Closing Verse (use Sutra Book and audio below)
Sutra Book for printing (two-columned pages): CLICK HERE. Sutra Book for reading on your computer screen (one-column pages): CLICK HERE. Page references are to the two-column version.

Opening: Odd-Numbered Dates, Jul 13 - Aug 9
  • Gatha of Atonement, p. 1
  • Dedication 1, p. 1
  • The Five Remembrances, p. 4
Audio player below or CLICK HERE.

Opening: Even-Numbered Dates, Jul 13 - Aug 9
  • The Three Refuges, p. 1
  • Dedication 1, p. 1
  • The Five Remembrances, p. 4
Audio player below or CLICK HERE.

  • 25 mins.
Sutra Service, Jul 20-26: Week 5
  • "Compassionate Heart of Wisdom," p. 16
  • "Harmony of Relative and Absolute," p. 17
  • "Hakuin's Song of Zazen," p. 17
Audio player below or CLICK HERE.

Dharma Study
  • Book or podcast, 15-30 mins.
Closing Verse for Mon Jun 15 - Sun Jul 12
  • The Way of Tenderness, p. 40; The Four Bodhisattva Vows, p. 42.
Audio player below or CLICK HERE.

Add your voice to the recording of the Heart Sutra that we chant along with some weeks!
The audio (MP3) file is here:

Download this MP3 file onto your computer.
Then open it with an audio program such as "Audacity" (which is available free on on the internet) or "Garage Band".
Using this audio software, dub your own voice into the recording.
Save the result and email it back to me!
For more complete and detailed instructions email me at HotetsuG@gmail.com

Mon-Fri mornings, 7 AM -8 AM -- join Meredith and the Worcester Boundless Way Zen teachers for morning practice.
Or zoom in for evening practice on Sun, Tue, and Thu evenings, 7 PM - 8 PM
Zoom link: CLICK HERE

White Plains Zen Center:
Tue evenings: 7:30 PM

Hudson River Zen Center:

Insight Meditation with Nina Nagy
Mon evenings: 6 PM

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