Jul 6-12

Summer, week 3

Seth Segall will lead the gathering on Sat Jul 11.

Join the BoWZ-Westchester Sangha via Zoom every Saturday morning:
9:45a Eastern -- informal conversation
10:00a Eastern -- practice begins

Audio Only: telephone 646-876-9923 & Enter Meeting ID: 289 850 7899

This Week's Reading for Sat Jul 11
  • Taizan Maezumi, Appreciate Your Life: The Essence of Zen Practice, "Endowed from the Start," pp. 7-12.
  • Reading Schedule HERE.
  • What experiences have you had of the way that your posture affects your zazen? Have you noticed how your body is when your attention wanders?
  • "When you breathe in, swallow the whole universe When you breathe out, breathe out the whole universe." What does this mean?
  • Mind and body are ungraspable. "Yet there is a way to appreciate the ungraspable. How? By being it?" How do you understand this?
This Week's Raven Tale
Home Practice
  • Light a candle or stick of incense, or both
  • Three bows to Buddha
  • Gatha of Atonement (odd-numbered dates) or The Three Refuges (even-numbered dates);
  • Dedication (use Sutra Book and audio below)
  • Opening Verse (use Sutra Book and audio below)
  • Zazen (25 mins)
  • Sutra Service Readings (use Sutra Book and audio below)
  • Dharma Study (book or podcast, 15-30 mins)
  • Closing Verse (use Sutra Book and audio below)
Sutra Book for printing (two-columned pages): CLICK HERE. Sutra Book for reading on your computer screen (one-column pages): CLICK HERE. Page references are to the two-column version.

Opening: Odd-Numbered Dates
  • Gatha of Atonement, p. 1
  • Dedication 1, p. 1
  • Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo, p. 4
Audio player below or CLICK HERE.

Opening: Even-Numbered Dates
  • The Three Refuges, p. 1
  • Dedication 1, p. 1
  • Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo, p. 4
Audio player below or CLICK HERE.

  • 25 mins.
Sutra Service
  • Sutra for Jul 6-12: Week 3.B. ("Heart Sutra," p. 11; "Zazen Yojinki," p. 11)
Audio player below or CLICK HERE.

Dharma Study
  • Book or podcast, 15-30 mins.
Closing Verse for Mon Jun 15 - Sun Jul 12
  • Three Prayers, p. 36; Save All the Beings, p. 38.
Audio player below or CLICK HERE.


Thu Jul 9 is the deadline for registering for the "Distant Temple Bell" sesshin -- Fri Jul 10 to Mon Jul 13. Interested in attending (from your home, or wherever you are with your laptop computer) this on-line Boundless Way Zen retreat? See HERE.

Be a part of the Boundless Way discussion on racial justice! See HERE.

Worcester Zen Temple:
Mon-Fri mornings, 7 AM -8 AM
Sun, Tue, Thu evenings, 7 PM - 8 PM
See https://worcesterzen.org/

White Plains Zen Center:
Tue evenings: 7:30 PM

Hudson River Zen Center:

Insight Meditation with Nina Nagy
Mon evenings: 6 PM

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