Raven 138: Mockingbird

The only other time we've seen Mockingbird was in #76 when he asked about gossip. Today he seems to have a question that cuts directly to the heart of the matter: Who am I? Who are you?

We are what we do: our routine and everyday characteristic doings, as well as our tumblings. What we do is always enactment of relationship. But tell me: when Raven holds out her wings and Mockingbird holds out his, who is doing so with greater freedom? Maybe it's not the one you think.

One fine day Mockingbird met Raven on the Assembly Oak and asked, "Who is Raven Roshi?"
Raven held out her wings.
Mockingbird held out his wings.
Raven croaked.
Mockingbird croaked.
Raven abruptly pecked at his claw, and he tumbled from the tree.
Teachers have pecked us off balance.
Remember how we tumbled from our perch?
Do you remember: Was it just what we needed?
Did we croak, stretch our wings, fly?
Or plummet to the injuring ground?
It was the death of our freedom,
And its birth.

Case adapted from Robert Aitken; introduction and verse by Meredith Garmon

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