Raven 149: Non Sequitur

The opposite of truth is also true. Without Buddha there would be no dew. These are conceptual abstractions -- intellectual baubles. They can be fun to play with, but aren't going to help you. Raven cuts to the concrete: Snacks! No snacks!

The issue before us -- as, in Zen, it always is -- is the concrete fact. Woodpecker's excursion into abstraction is the non sequitur.

It's rather a striking turn of phrase, though. Without Buddha, no dew.

Kind of a tasty snack at that.

That evening Woodpecker asked, "I've heard that without Buddha there would be no dew on the grass. What doyou think?
Raven said, "Tonight we're all out of snacks."
Woodpecker said, "You're full of non sequiturs these days."
Raven said, "Ah, Woodpecker, you should talk."


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