Summer Week 7 & 8

In-person meeting is cancelled for Jul 31 and Aug 7.

Meeting in room 43 of Community UU will NOT be available again until Aug 14.

Jul 31 and Aug 7 will be ZOOM ONLY.

Join the BoWZ-Westchester Sangha on Saturday mornings:
(Times: US Eastern)
9:45-10:00 -- Informal conversation
10:00 -- Opening Dedication, Readings, Zazen, Kinhin, Zazen
11:00 -- Sutra Service
11:15 -- Dharma Talk and Conversation
12:00 -- Closing Readings

Audio Only: telephone 646-876-9923 & Enter Meeting ID: 289 850 7899

Passcode: 468468

Sat Jul 31: Practice to be led by Seth Zuiho Segall

Zoom with Boundless Way Zen Temple in Worcester, MA at any of these times:
Mon-Fri, 7-8am 
Tue, Thu, Sun, 7-8pm
Zoom link: CLICK HERE

For Summer Week 6:
Mon Jul 26 - Sun Aug 1


for Sat Jul 31
  • Barry Magid, Ending the Pursuit of Happiness, "Psychological versus Spiritual Insight," pp. 49-52.
Reading Schedule HERE

Week 6 Raven Tale

  • "Last Will and Testament"

Week 6 Sutras

  • For odd-numbered days, begins with Gatha of Atonement (AUDIO)
  • For even-numbered days, begins with The Three Refuges (AUDIO)
Opening Verse for 5th Fourweek (Mon Jul 12 - Sun Aug 8) (AUDIO)
  • The Five Remembrances, p. 4
Sutra Service for Week 6.B. (AUDIO)
  • Hakuin's Great Doubt, p. 19
  • Guidance in Zazen, p. 20
Closing Verse for 5th Fourweek (Mon Jul 12 - Sun Aug 8) (AUDIO)
  • The Way of Tenderness, p. 40
  • The Four Bodhisattva Vows, p. 42


Next Boundless Way Sesshin

Thu Jul 29, 7:00pm through Mon Aug 2, 12:30pm
Online Practice periods include Zazen (seated meditation), kinhin (walking meditation), dharma talk, dharma dialogue, and dokusan (interview with teacher).
See the flyer HERE.
Register for the Sesshin HERE.

Sutra Book

For printing (double-columned pages):CLICK HERE. (Page references are to this double-column version.)

For reading on your computer screen (single-column pages):CLICK HERE.

Chant Along with these Audio Files: CLICK HERE.

Home Practice

Practicing every day, or nearly every day, is a crucial aspect of the Zen path. Other central aspects include sangha (meeting weekly or so to practice with a group), and sesshin (going on occasional week-end or week-long Zen retreats).

Home practice ideally includes Zazen, study of zen text (or listening to a recording or podcast of a dharma talk), and chanting/reciting some of Zen's central texts.

  • Sitting supplies: A zabuton (mat) and either a zafu (round cushion, usually of kapok or buckwheat hulls), or a seiza bench (kneeling bench); or a chair that is your meditation chair
  • A dedicated space: A corner of a room that is used only for Zen practice, where your sitting supplies and a small altar reside
  • An altar: a small table with a Buddha statue and maybe an incense holder, candle, or sacred items.
There are many ways to structure home practice. Here's one:
  • Light a candle, stick of incense, or both, on your altar.
  • Standing in front of altar, facing it, make three bows (prostrations or standing bows) to Buddha.
  • Recite "Gatha of Atonement" (odd-numbered dates) or "The Three Refuges" (even-numbered dates);
  • Recite Dedication and Opening Verse (see Sutra Book)
  • Zazen (25 mins)
  • Recite the Sutra Service Readings for the week (see Sutra Book)
  • Dharma Study time: reading a dharma book or listening to a dharma talk recording (15-30 mins). (Check out "A Quarterly Study Plan" on the Reading/Videos page.)
  • Recite Closing Verses (see Sutra Book)

Additional Practice Opportunities

White Plains Zen Center:
Tue evenings: 7:30 PM

Hudson River Zen Center:

Insight Meditation with Nina Nagy
Mon evenings: 6 PM

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