Raven 179: Last Will and Testament

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Love what is. That's all. Love what is and everything that brought it to be. Then your legacy, your will and testament, last and first, will be entirely gratitude.

Grammar purveys delusions: common nouns, that categories are real; past conditional modal verbs ("could have been"), that something that is, isn't necessarily. Reality knows no such.

Mole and Woodpecker came together to see Raven one afternoon.
Mole said, "Woodpecker and I have been noticing that you're getting on in years, and wondering -- have you made your last will and testament?"
Raven said, "Thank you."
The three of them sat together silently for a while.
Then Woodpecker asked, "Looking back, is there anything you would like to have done differently?"
Raven said, "How could I?"
Mole asked, "Each time you decided which way to go. Are you sorry about any of those decisions?"
Raven said, "How could I?"

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