Raven 181: Foresters

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All things are impermanent, yes. Don't let this obscure from you that you exist now; you have done things, and loved, and perhaps, for a bit longer, will continue to. It will eternally be the case that you were in this place at this time. You might leave behind some impress or bone that fossilizes, or you might not. Doesn't matter. Whether anyone in the future knows anything of it or not, it will always be true that you were here on this day, felt what you felt and did what you did.

Owl spoke up the next evening and said, “I’ve been brooding about your remark to Mallard that the foresters are closing in. [#175] I think we aren’t facing things. It’s always been hard to find food and raise a family but now the forest is shrinking and folks like Wolverine can’t even find a mate.”
Raven said, “Yes.”
Owl said, “I feel despair about those foresters.”
Woodpecker interrupted and said, “The problem is that they aren’t really foresters.”
Raven said, “Yes.”
Owl asked, “What can be done?”
Raven did not respond, and the group was silent.
Finally Porcupine said, “Their children will remember us.”
Owl said, “Small comfort.”
Raven said, “Brontosaur lives.”

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