Raven 17

Two people competing with each other in business could sit together in sangha, even if one of them drives the other out of business. Members of opposing gangs, the CEO of a corporation and the director of a consumer's union that is suing that corporation, a doctor and the patient suing that doctor for malpractice: sangha is safe space for people who are dangers to each other elsewhere.

Woodpecker appeared in the circle one warm summer evening with a guest. "This is mole," she said. "He has life questions but is very timid about coming to meetings. He wants assurances that he is safe," and she cast a look at Badger and Owl.

Raven said, "Well, I'm a predator myself. It's good that we face this issue early." Addressing mole, she said, "This is the Buddha Macaw's sacred temple, where her disciples from all over can feel safe together. You are safe here. Right, Owl? Right, Badger?"

"Safe here," they echoed.

Mole seemed to shiver, but he spoke up and said, "Thank you. I confess I still feel uneasy, but my questions make me stay. Funny situation, isn't it!"

Raven said, "Is there anything that isn't peculiar?"

Raven 16

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