Blue Cliff Record 76

Blue Cliff Record (Hekiganroku, Biyan Lu) #76
Danxia's "Have You Had Your Dinner?"

Danxia asked a monk, "Where have you come from?"
The monk answered, "From the foot of the mountain."
Danxia asked, "Have you eaten your rice?"
The monk said, "Yes I have eaten it."
Danxia said, "The one who brought rice and gave it to you to eat – did he have an [enlightened] eye?"
The monk said nothing.
Changqing asked Baofu, "Surely it is an act of thanksgiving [that is, for the guidance already received from buddhas, patriarchs and masters] to bring rice and give it to the people to eat. How then is it possible not to have an [enlightened] eye?"
Baofu said, "Server and receiver are both blind."
Changqing said, "Even if one has done everything, does one still remain blind, or not?"
Baofu said, "Do you call me blind?"

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