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You'll need this document: "Zen Sutras, Chants, and Songs".

This post provides links to audio files for your home sitting practice. The files for the Morn practice (which, of course, can be used at any time of day) provide:
  • Han sequence (7 mins)
  • Inkin sequence (for offering incense and three prostrations -- 1:40)
  • Verse of Kesa (p. 42 -- 2 mins)
  • Opening Verse (from pp. 3-5 -- about 1 min)
  • Opening Day-of-Week Song (p. 38 or 42 -- 1-2 mins)
  • Dedication, including Gatha of Atonement or The Three Refuges (about 3 mins)
  • Silence for Zazen (25 mins)
  • Kinhin (4-5 mins)
  • Sutra Service (7-9 mins)
  • Closing Verse (from pp. 39-42 -- about 1 min)
  • Closing Day-of-Week Song (p. 38 or 42 -- 1-2 mins)
The Morn practice, from the end of the Han sequence, is about 50 minutes.

The Eve practice consists only of:
  • Opening Day-of-Week Song (p. 38 or 42 -- 1-2 mins)
  • Silence for Zazen (25 mins)
  • Closing Day-of-Week Song (p. 38 or 42 -- 1-2 mins)
The Eve practice takes just under 30 mins.

Morn Practice

Getting Started. For four weeks, Apr 22 - May 19: Starter #2.
For May 20 - Jun 16: Starter #3.
You may wish to load this audio file into your favorite Alarm Clock app so you can set the time you want to be called to practice. The audio is 12 mins + 3 min silence at end, in case your alarm app dismisses at 15 mins.
(Serving suggestion: set this file to play starting at 5:53am).
  • Han sequence (7 mins) to call you to get ready for practice.
  • Inkin sequence (for offering incense and three prostrations -- 1:40)
  • Verse of Kesa (p. 42 -- 2 mins) for singing along. Don kesa (if you have one) between 2nd and 3rd repetitions.
  • Starter #2: Opening Verse 2, "Invocation of Kanzeon," (p. 3 -- about 1 min); Starter #3: Opening Verse 3, "Coming and Going" (p. 3 -- about 1 min)
(NOTE: The "Starter" files each run for four weeks at time. They differ from each other only in having different Opening Verses at the ends of the files.)

Day of Week (35 mins). After chanting the Opening Verse, select the file for the day of the week. (Suggestion: set this file to play at 6:05am. Set auto-dismiss at 45 mins.)
These files include:
  • Opening Day-of-Week Song (words on p. 38)
  • Dedication (pp. 2-3). Mon-Wed-Fri uses the Dedication for Odd-Numbered Days. Tue-Thu-Weekend uses the Even-Numbered Days Dedication. The Dedication includes a sequence of inkin bells for bowing forward from seated posture and whispering your personal dedications.
  • 25 mins of silence for zazen. The zazen time is introduced with 3 bells. At the end of the 25 mins, you'll hear two bells, signalling you to rise and stand in gassho.
  • At the sound of clappers, bow and begin 4-5 mins for kinhin. At second clappers, return to place, standing in gassho. At third clappers, bow and be seated.
Monday Morn
Tuesday Morn
Wednesday Morn
Thursday Morn
Friday Morn
Saturday Morn
Sun May 19 Morn: Repeat Monday Morn
Sun May 26 Morn: Repeat Tuesday Morn

Sutra Service (8-10 mins). After the Morn file concludes (with clappers signalling the end of kinhin), be seated and select the Sutra Service. (Suggestion: download these files to your device and set your alarm app to play them at 6:40am. Set auto-dismiss at 10 mins.)
Sutra Service for the 8th week of spring (2024 May 13-19):
Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun: Sutra Service 8A (pp. 23-24)
Tue-Thu-Sat: Sutra Service 8B (pp. 25-26)

Sutra Service for the 9th week of spring (2024 May 20-26):
Mon-Wed-Fri: Sutra Service 9A (pp. 27-28)
Tue-Thu-Sat-Sun: Sutra Service 9B (pp. 28-29)

NOTE: Practitioners having a sutra service as part of both their Morn and Eve practice: use the "A" service for Morn practice every day and the "B" service for Eve practice every day.

Closing Song (about 2 mins)
Lastly, select the closing song for the day of the week. Bells at the end prompt you to stand, bow to your altar, then bow to anyone else practicing with you -- or toward the door, symbolizing the world of beings.
Mon Closing Song (p. 38)
Tue Closing Song (p. 38)
Wed Closing Song (p. 38)
Thu Closing Song (p. 38)
Fri Closing Song (p. 38)
Sat Closing Song (p. 42)
Sun May 19 Closing Song: Repeat Mon Closing Song
Sun May 26 Closing Song: Repeat Tue Closing Song

Shorter Eve Practice

This Han Sequence audio file includes only the 7-min Han sequence. You may wish to load it into your favorite Alarm Clock app so you can set the time you want to be called to evening practice.
  • Get settled in seated posture.
  • Begin audio for "Eve" (click on the appropriate link below)
  • Sing the Day-of-the-Week Opening Song along with the recording (p. 38 for Mon-Fri; p. 42 for Saturday).
  • 25-minutes of Zazen. Each Eve audio has 25 minutes of silence. Three bells sound at the beginning of Zazen and two bells when Zazen time is up.
  • Sing the Day-of-the-Week Closing Song along with the recording (p. 38 for Mon-Fri; p. 42 for Saturday).
  • Inkin bells at the end of the Closing Song will signal you to rise, give one bow to the altar, and then a bow to the sangha.
Mon Eve
Tue Eve
Wed Eve
Thu Eve
Fri Eve
Sat Eve
Sun May 19 Eve: Repeat Mon Eve
Sun May 26 Eve: Repeat Tue Eve

Directory for all audio files: HERE


Spoken recordings by Meredith Garmon and LoraKim Joyner. "Universal Dedication" also includes voice of Allie Freed.
"Jizo Dharani," "Sho Sai Myo Kichijo Dharani," "Shigu Seigan Mon," "Buddha Vandana," "Filled with Loving Kindness," "Dedication of Merit" and "Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo" pulled from Youtube.
"Gate of Sweet Nectar" by Krishna Das, sung by Starry Mountain Singers for Amidon Community Music.
"The Four Bodhisattva Vows" and "Diamond Sutra Gatha": music composed and performed by Meredith Garmon.
"Save All the Beings": music by Boundless Way Zen; performed (piano, guitar, and vocals) by Meredith Garmon.
"Verse of the Kesa" and "Shantideva's Way of the Bodhisattva": music by Soten Lynch; vocals by Soten Lynch, Kosho Ault, Maggie Medlin, and Eric Hertz. Recorded at Great Vow Zen Monastery, Clatskanie, OR, 2020.

For credits for the words/lyrics, see "Zen Sutras, Chants, and Songs".

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