Book of Serenity 64

Book of Serenity (Shoyoroku, Congrong Lu) #64
Zizhao's Transmission

  • FAYAN Wenyi (Hogen Buneki, 885-958, 15th gen), disciple of Luohan "Dizang" Guichen
  • Zizhao, a disciple of Changqing
Wansong's Introduction (Sato)
Yunmen intimately encountered Muzhou, yet he burnt succession incense for old Xuefeng;
Touzi [Yiqing, 1032-1083] personally received it from Yuanjian [i.e., Fushan Fayuan, 991-1067], yet he succeeded in the Dharma to Dayang [Jingxuan, 943-1027].
Jade blossoms bloom upon the coral branches;
Gold fruit ripens in the forest of sandalwood.
Just tell me, how do such creations take place?
Case (Wick)
The head monk Zizhao asked Master Fayan, "Osho, as head of the temple, whose Dharma did you receive?"
Fayan said, "Master Dizang's."
Zizhao said, "Aren't you greatly transgressing against our late teacher Changqing?"[1]
Fayan replied, "I don't understand a turning word of Changqing's."[2]
Zizhao retorted, "Then why don't you ask?"
Fayan said, "Among the myriad forms is a solitary, manifest body. What does it mean?"[3]
At that, Zizhao lifted up his hossu, his fly-whisk, and Fayan said, "You learned that as a student at Changqing's place. What is your expression?"
Zizhao had nothing to say.
Fayan said, "As it says, among the myriad forms is a solitary, manifest body. Does it wipe out the myriad forms, or does it not wipe out the myriad forms?"[4]
Zizhao answered, "It does not wipe them out."
Fayan said, "A duality!"[5]
The followers of Zizhao, the monks on both sides of the Dharma hall, all said, "It does wipe them out!"
Fayan said, "Among the myriad forms is a solitary, manifest body. Hah!!"[6]
[1] “You have gone a great deal against your late master Changqing” (Sato); "You're very much turning your back on our late teacher Changqing" (Cleary).
[2] “I still don't understand a turning word of Changqing's” (Sato); "I didn't understand one saying of Changqing's" (Cleary).
[3] “'The one body manifests itself in myriad phenomena' – what does it mean?” (Sato); "'In myraid forms, a single body is revealed' -- what is the meaning?" (Cleary)
[4] “...are the myriad phenomena swept away or are they not?” (Sato); "...is this effacing myraid forms or not effacing myriad forms?"
[5] “There are two” (Sato); "Two" (Cleary).
[6] “The one body manifests itself in myriad phenomena – Nii!" (Nii: a word used to directly point out something – “There!”) (Sato); "In myriad forms a single body's revealed!!!!!" (Cleary).

Hongzhi's Verse (Wick)
Staying away from thought, see Buddha;
rending the dust, bring forth the sutras.
Dharma style manifest as is: Who lays out one's front garden?
Chasing a boat, the moon is led to the clear river's purity.
Accompanying grasses, spring rises from the burned ruin's greens.
Wiping away and not wiping away, listen with care.
Though the three paths are overgrown, he still could come home.
Pines and chrysanthemums of old still have their fragrance and smell.
Sturmer's Verse
The radiator heats up
panel by panel.
Placed in the middle of the room
like the skeleton
of a tiny dinosaur
it emits a fleeting warmth
while the dark world outside
turns anothe page.

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